Monday, June 7, 2010

FBC Carthage E-News for June 7, 2010

FBC Carthage E-News
June 7, 2010

Good morning,

I hope you have had the chance to enjoy the beautiful morning the Lord has given us today. The cool morning and the beautiful sunshine are a great start to this week. It makes me want to “rejoice in the Lord.”

Last week was a fantastic week for ReFuel. We had four perfect days for the youth and adults to be involved in a variety of projects. Zeke reported that we had a total participation of 121 persons involved in some aspect of ReFuel this year! Here is a list the projects we were able see done:
7 home projects for Smith County Veterans
3 home projects connected to the flood clean-up
Help Center
Smith County Senior Citizens Center
Smith County Nursing Home
Habitat for Humanity
Paint Heritage Museum
Emmanuel House
Relay for Life Set-up

Our next BIG event is Vacation Bible School which begins next Monday, June 14. VBS 2010 will have classes each night from 6:00 – 8:30 PM for children and youth ages 4 through 12th grade. Here is an updated list of workers for you to be praying for this week. I suggest that each day between now and next week, you take a specific class and pray for the teachers and children who will attend. Pray a BLESSing for each teacher:

o They will have health and strength in their Body.
o They will have good success in their Labor for the Lord.
o They will have Emotional strength and patience with the children.
o They will establish and strengthen their Social connections with other workers and parents.
o They will grow in their Spiritual walk with Christ as they prepare for each day.

Vacation Bible School Workers 2010
Directors: Rhonda Etheridge
Lisa Reece

4-5 yrs Lead Teacher – Audrey Russell
Helper – Katie Goolsby
Helper – Meredith Petty
Helper - Mary Marsh

5 yrs and Kindergarten
Lead Teacher- Lee Wilson
Helper – Sharon Raymond
Helper – Christy Nixon
Helper - Lisa Anderson

1st Grade Lead Teacher – Melody Tackett
Helper – Cindy Wilmore
Helper - Haley Wilkerson

2nd Grade Lead Teacher –
Helper – Erin Agee
Helper – Rita Shiverdecker
Helper – Julie Cannon

3rd Grade Lead Teacher – Charlie Daigre
Helper - Penny Daigre
Helper – Fran Frank

4th Grade Lead Teacher- Kandy Smith
Helper – Theresa Whitten
Helper – Deborah Bane

5th Grade Lead Teacher - Jan Trainham
Helper – Kathy Reece
Helper – Michael Collins
Helper - Ray Raymond

6th Grade Lead Teacher – Phillip Slagle
Helper – Rachel Slagle
Helper - Jason Bush
Helper- Olivia Bush

Youth Lead Teacher – Zeke Tomaselli
Helper – Janet Bailey
Helper - Brad Tackett
Helper - Layne Tomaselli

Café Leader - Amy Broyles
Helper – Jackie Manning
Helper - Chandell Hackett
Helper - Melissa Hackett
Helper – Gina Dillon

Recreation Leader – Samantha Key
Helper - Milicent Winfree
Helper – David Wilson

Crafts Leader - Becky Mitchell
Helper – Vanessa Denny
Helper – Jill Wilmore

Music Leader – Michael Deaver
Helper – Greta Kirby

Sound Leader – Jeremiah Wilkerson
Helper – Jerry Wilmore

Also, remember the exciting VBS Kick-off Rodeo this Sunday, June 13 at 5:00 PM at the Smith County Ag Center. We will have real horses and maybe a few cows. There will be horse races and calf-roping and a Yee-Hah good time. We’ll even have a barbeque supper provided through by the church. Invite your friends and come out for the rodeo.

This E-News has a lot of information and will make up for missing last week. Thanks for your encouragement and understanding.

Bro. Tim

Here’s the news:
1. The Tennessee Baptist Convention, of which FBC Carthage is a part, has selected and called Dr. Randy Davis as the new Executive-Director. Bro. Randy has served several churches as Pastor and presently serves at the First Baptist Church in Sevierville. The previous Executive-Director, Dr. James Porch, is retiring in July after 19 years as the leader of the TBC. Be praying for the more than 3000 churches that cooperate together in the Tennessee Baptist Convention. Here is a link for the Baptist and Reflector article on the selection:

2. Mike and Lisa Kilgore shared in yesterday’s services of the work and ministry of Lighthouse Christian Camp in Smithville. There are many opportunities for volunteers to help during the summer and throughout the year. Here is a link for you to check out this ministry to children in our area:

3. Our next service at the Defeated Creek Campground will be Sunday morning, June 20 at 8:30 AM. If you can participate in this service please contact the church office or see Bro. Tim.

4. Two special events for youth are coming up quickly:
June 24-26 Youth Music Camp here at FBC Carthage
June 28-July 2 Youth Summer Camp at Orange Beach, Alabama
(8 spots still available.)
See Zeke for more information on both of these.

5. The Preschool and Children’s Committees will meet this Wednesday, June 9 at 7:30 PM after the Wednesday Service in the Christian Life Center.

6. Speaking of youth, here is a great video. Be sure and watch it all the way through.